Fox News Tells More Lies About Obamacare

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Fox News is telling viewers that the cheapest Obamacare plan (the Bronze plan) will cost $20,000 per year for a family of five. A complete misrepresentation of the facts. The “ugly truth” of Fox bimbo Gerri Willis’s report couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are so many lies in what Dr. Marc Siegel says in this interview, but this article will present you with the actual truth as opposed to the Faux News version of it.

True, the most inexpensive plan is indeed called the “Bronze” plan. It is the policy offered by the state exchange, this is also correct. People may opt to purchase this policy if they either do not have health care offered through their employer or they are unemployed. Another reason they may opt for this plan is because it might be cheaper than paying for health care through their employer(s).

So, the headline on every conservative “news” outlet and straight from Ms. Willis’s mouth is that families will be “forced to shell out” $20,000 per year for health care. Their source for this “information?” The IRS. The full text of what they are referring to is on page 70, about halfway down the page of this document. It is explaining what the penalty will be for a family of five with an annual income of $120,000 per year that does not carry the minimum essential coverage (which is also explained earlier in the same document). The scenario explains what happens if no member of the family (two adults and three children) have the essential coverage for any month in 2016. Their filing threshold is $24,000 and the “annual national average bronze plan premium” is $20,000 for a family of five. The threshold amount ($24,000) is subtracted from the family income ($120,000) and multiplied by the 2.5%. The result is $2,400. The penalty for not carrying the minimum essential coverage is $200 per month for a family of five earning $120,000 per year. Re-read the bolded part of the previous sentence if you are affiliated with the Republican party and note the following: if you DO carry the minimum essential coverage, guess what? Ta-da! There is no penalty! Thus, there is no headline for conservative “news” sources either. That’s no fun.

Next, something just plain ignorant said by Dr. Siegel: “Someone who’s eighteen years old, do they need maternity coverage? Do they need eyeglass coverage?” Wow! So, according to Dr. Siegel, adult, 18-year-olds don’t have babies and don’t wear glasses. This speaks to the “reality” these people live in. He goes on to call it “entitlement” insurance. So, Dr. Siegel, if you have health insurance and you never see a doctor…you die in your sleep, not even visiting the hospital in your last hours, yet you had health insurance the entire time, what’s that called? Or suppose you have auto insurance (because it’s the law) since you’ve been old enough to drive and never had so much as a fender-bender, what’s that called? Isn’t it basically just paying for other, bad drivers?

Also, Obamacare was not “sold to the American people” as catastrophe insurance. It was always meant to cover pre-existing conditions and to provide people with the preventative care they need to avoid long-term serious health problems.

The figures shown from the American Action Forum? The board members of this organization include Republican Jeb Bush, Republican Norm Coleman, Republican John McKernan, and former Goldman Sachs vice-chair (also Secretary of Domestic Finance under George W. Bush) and Republican Robert Steel. Enough said about that “source.”

Lastly, in a letter dated January 11, 2010, the Congressional Budget Office sent a letter to Olympia Snowe with the following figures:

  • $12,000 – $12,500 is the estimated 2016 premium for a family (replacing a previous analysis stating the national average for a family would be $15,200)
  • Bronze plans will be lower because the actuarial cost is only 60% rather than individually purchased plans at 72%
  • Small employers may purchase insurance plans from the exchange (not simply offer limited coverage for employees and send them to the exchange for additional coverage as stated by Dr. Siegel)

These are the facts of the Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act.

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