FOXY and The Best Snacking

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The sun was shining which made it a perfect day for fluffy wild animals to soak up the sun.

After some lounging around, and a B I G   S  T R R R E T C H , he/she decided to go for a walk.

To be honest, I urged that fox along because I don’t like it close to the house.  It’s bad enough knowing it lives somewhere in our back yard,  but sometimes the fox just stares as if to say “Yeah? So?  Whatcha gonna do about it?”  They’re sly, cunning, shifty and worst of all, they go after baby deer and bunnies. 

Since this is a food blog most of the time, lets talk about eating fox.  I don’t eat meat so lets not talk about Joanne eating fox but other people.  Do they or don’t they?  Got an answer?

I know something better to eat than fox! 

The perfect snack.

A quarter cup of mixed nuts, such as cashews, walnuts, almonds and pistachios

Add some dried fruits such as raisins and banana chips

Mix it all up and you have a perfectly healthy snack.  The best part:  you’ll be satisfied for hours. Cravings BE GONE!

What’s your go-to snack?


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