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Frances Bean Cobain Pictures: Courtney Love Loses Custody of Daughter

After a history of troubles, Courtney Love — ex-singer of the band Hole and former wife of deceased Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain — has lost custody of her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain.

According to TMZ, the announcement came in a Los Angeles court on Friday during a hearing that Love was absent for. Citing both personal and financial reasons, the court granted custody to Wendy O’Connor and Kimberly Dawn, Kurt Cobain’s mother and sister.

While many of the appointment’s details remain sealed, it’s also been reported that the new guardians do not have access to Cobain’s trust fund. Currently 17 years old, Frances Bean Cobain has just over eight months before reaching legal adulthood.

Love, always known for loudly expressing her thoughts on other people, has recently been in the news for her scandalous Twitter posts. This year, a fashion designer sued Love in Los Angeles, claiming her posts were libelous. Nothing has been said by Cobain’s family, nor by Love. The late Nirvana frontman’s daughter will be in the care of his family until February of 2010.

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