Francois Henri Pinault Married Salma Hayek

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French magazine Le Point (can I get a translation here; I’m not so good with these here cognates) reports Francios Henri Pinault married Salma Hayek over the weekend. On Valentines Day to be precise. If you’re not aware of Francios Henri Pinault, he’s the long time lover (he looks a little old to call “boyfriend”) of my favorite 40+ hottie Salma Hayek as well as the father of her child. Which means Francois Henri Pinault is pretty much my nemesis.

Now I’ve never taken anything Le Point says as “news” but I’ll be willing to make an exception this time due to the fact Francois Henri Pinault owns the damn thing.

So there you have it: Francois Henri Pinault married Salma Hayek over the weekend, thus making it the worst weekend ever for me. Now that she’s off the market, I’m going to have to scratch her off my fantasy Hollywood list. Which means I now have a new spot open for a 40+ lady. If anyone has any suggestions to fill the spot, let me know. As of now though, I’ve got some sorrows that need drowning with a beer or six.


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