Francois Hollande 2nd world leader to diss Obama

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Francois Hollande, the new French leader who swept Nicholas Sarkozy out of office this year, is following in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s footsteps by dissing President Obama on the international stage.

“Hollande arrived late, taking his seat after Obama spoke” at the NATO Summit this week, according to the Kansas City Star.

Allegedly, Hollande felt it more important to complete his conversation with U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon rather than rush an exit in time to hear Obama talk.

At least Hollande bothered to show up at all, which is more than can be said for Putin, who didn’t even deign to give the American president the time of day for the upcoming G-8 meeting scheduled this month.

It’s really beginning to show just how little the rest of the world thinks of the United States President suffering from a lack of confidence by his own people this year.

Hollande did go one step further, however, as he told NATO that France would not be honoring its previous time commitment regarding Afghanistan made by Sarkozy.

Instead, the French leader delivered another blow to the Obama administration, expressing his intent to see that all French military personnel had exited the war-torn country by year’s end rather than the previous longer deadline.

Both incidents will likely be downplayed on Friday, when Obama is scheduled to host the new French leader at the White House.

For those who’ve wondered how good an actor the president really is, they should get the chance to see him in action later this week, as he attempts to act like he hasn’t noticed being disrespected by two world leaders. It’s the New Emperor’s Clothes, of course.

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