Frank Lampard set to become the next Premier League star to join the MLS

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It seems that ever since David Beckham moved to the MLS five years ago that a clutch of former Premier League stars has decided to make the switch to North America. It’s hard to believe that several years ago players of the calibre of Robbie Keane and Thierry Henry would be interested in playing in North America.

However, Beckham is now set to bring his LA adventure to a close, but his legacy will remain for some time. It seems that the door has now been opened, and quality players will continue to join the MLS towards the end of their careers.

The fact that players based in North America have the option of re-joining a Premier League on loan in the off-season makes the MLS very attractive. Frank Lampard looks to be the latest player to make the transition. Lampard has made a career out of scoring goals from the central midfield area, but Chelsea is now ready to allow the player to leave, a decision that is made somewhat easier given Lampard’s age and the recent signings of younger midfield players.

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The Chelsea midfielder knows that he will be a sought after commodity in North America that will result in a very lucrative salary packet within the same region of what he currently gets. However, he may have to accept that he will not continue to play for England if he does make the switch.

LA Galaxy is fast becoming an exciting option for former Premier League stars. It is, of course, the club that Beckham and Robbie Keane play for, and Keane has suggested that Lampard would be welcomed by the club. Understandably, the option to finish a career in LA after a long career in the Premier League is obviously attractive. Therefore, no one would blame Frank Lampard if LA Galaxy proves to be his next move.

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