Frank McCourt agrees to sell Dodgers

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In a stunning announcement this evening, Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt has finally agreed to sell the cherished franchise. For many fans, the news is huge and a positive step in rebuilding Dodger tradition. McCourt had been defiant about not giving in to appeals to sell the team. Tonight the L.A. Times confirmed the official news.

Fans were already in a good mood today after the earlier news from Major League Baseball (M.L.B.) that three players won 2011 Gold Glove awards for their defensive abilities. The coveted award is earned by the best defensive player for each position. André Eithier claimed right field; Clayton Kershaw claimed the pitching position; and Matt Kemp claimed the centerfield position.

dodgers scoreboardCoincidently, M.L.B. Commissioner Bud Selig was in Los Angeles today. He was the keynote speaker for a local non-profit organization. He and Frank McCourt have been at odds during the past several years about the direction of the team. Earlier in the year, McCourt filed bankruptcy protection to stave off M.L.B. from taking over the team and help him deal with an ongoing divorce. For many, McCourt was stubborn and would not face the inevitable. To his supporters, he was merely trying to protect his investment and not be pushed out of a company where he has spent the last eight years

Perhaps another coincidence was National Basketball Association (N.B.A.) Dallas Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban indicated earlier in the year he was very interested in purchasing the Dodgers; however, he felt the price tag of over 1 Billion was too rich based on his valuation of the team. However, today, the L.A. Times reported he is still interested in purchasing the club.

Since the team is in bankruptcy proceedings, both McCourt and M.L.B. must formally petition the court to allow the sale to be completed. The league is anticipating locating a new owner before the 2012 season opener in April 2012.

In addition the finding an owner, the next big news the organization is anxiously awaiting is whether All Star Matt Kemp will be crowned the National League Most Valuable Player award and whether, All Star Clayton Kershaw will be crowned the National League Cy Young award.

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