Free Amazon Kindle Books Online Include ‘Delivery’ & ‘Cash Burn’

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There are several new free Amazon Kindle books online right now for avid readers of fiction. These include “Delivery,” “Cash Burn,” “Reinventing Leona” and “Stealing Jake.” Three of the titles sound like they are straight romance novels, with the fourth an intriguing crime thriller.

Amazon Kindle 3.JPGAccording to Buyer’s Review Source, these four free Kindle books can be downloaded to the Kindle eReader, iPad or iPhone, and other devices, including laptop computers. To read the books on a computer, a special Kindle reader software will need to be downloaded and installed.

“Stealing Jake” is a romance novel about a former pickpocket running an orphanage to help street kids like herself. Meanwhile, Sheriff’s Deputy Jake has a thing for Livy, but she doesn’t quite trust men at this point in her life.

“Cash Burn” is a novel that has been compared to those of John Grisham. It is about Jason Dunn and his gorgeous assistant’s bank heist plan. His parolee brother showing up to interfere throws a monkey wrench in these plans.

“Delivery” is the story of Livi, who works at her family’s florist shop along with the “wacky” Wilson’s Florist gang. She is faced with a dear family friend’s funeral and the painful memories it dredges up in her, causing her to seek comfort in alcohol.

“Reinventing Leona” is the story of a pastor’s wife who finds her life thrown into a tailspin when her husband drops dead. She “is forced to find a paying job,” and face issues such as her “resentful children” and “underhanded church members.” Leon’s “reinventing” deals with her relationship with God and herself.

For fans of fiction books, it’s hard to beat “free” as a price. However, there’s the old adage “you get what you pay for” and sometimes, spending a few dollars more to buy something highly-rated is worth the price. So far, it appears these four titles are getting a lot of early positive reviews from those who have taken the time to read them. Of the four, “Cash Burn” sounds like it has great potential for fans of criminal heist movies or John Grisham’s legal thrillers, so it may be worth checking out for those in need of an entertaining read.

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