Free Book Contest – Cane River by Lalita Tademy

Well, it is time to do another free book give-away! Whoever is the winner will get this book sent to them free of charge~

A unique accomplishment, this is history never before told, an epic novel of four generations of African-American women, a work based on one family's actual meticulously researched past – and a book with enormous implication for us all.

Lalita Tademy has always been intesely interested in her family's stories, especially ones about her great-granmother Emily, a formidable figure who died with her life savings hidden in her mattress. Probing deeper for her family's roots, Tademy soon found herself swept up in an obsessive 2-year odyssey-and leaving her corporate career for the little Louisiana farming community of Cane River.

It was here, on a medium sized Creole plantation owned by a family named Derbanne, that author Lalita Tademy found her family's roots-and the stories of four astonishing women who battles vast injustices to create a legacy of hope and achievement. They were women whose lives began in slavery, who weather the Cival War, and who grappled with the contradictions of emancipation throught the turbulent early years of the 20th century. Through it all, they fought to unite their family and forge success on their own terms.

All of that was from the inside cover – there is more, but I'm tired of typing & it's time to head for home now.

This contest is going to be a "Close the Thread" contest. That means, the last comment that sits for 15 hours without another comment being posted (mine do not count), will be the winner.

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