"It is the act of of forgiveness that opens up the only possible way to think creatively about the future at all."
                           ~ Father Desmond Wilson


Today we woke up as a nation, full of possibilities and dreams.
We are only limited by our fear and lack of hope, in ourselves
and others.

Freedom is a gift we give ourselves every time we choose to
practice the art of forgiveness & moving on.

Freedom is the right we give to ourselves every time we choose
to react or not to react.

Yesterday, due to the most dramatic and historic midterm election ever held. Our choices are these; new freedom or
holding onto old resentments.
Let's all give ourselves the gift to move on…together.

Clearly, the American people have spoken. 'It is time for a new
course to unite the Democrats, Republicans, & Independents.'

 "To make our nation a nation great, divided by none and right
  by all." As the new Speaker of The House spoke last evening
  Nancy Pelosi, she continued to say "Today, we have made
  history. Now, let's make progress!"

  Freedom is our gift and freedom is our choice. Let's continue
  to choose wisely for all.


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