French Open 2010: Venus Williams Wears Nude Underwear to the Tennis Court…Why did the judges not order a change of clothes? {PHOTO}

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The French Open of 2010 has officially opened and the tennis stars are out of the gate and causing a mass of confusion already. Not it is the nude underwear outfit of Venus Williams. Venus Williams is well respected and an amazing tennis player.

The French Open this year is causing quite a stirring in the fancy land of tennis players and their judges. Venus Williams is cause of the chaos and she is the center of the gossip with her lingerie-like mini outfit and naked undergarments. Lots of people are openly stating their disgust of the naked underwear outfit. The mini outfit was also causing a lot of stir when it looked like her breasts were going to pop out of her outfit.

Venus Williams spoke to Los Angeles Times and she mentioned that her outfit was all “about illusion…a lot of my motif this year.” So now we know that Venus Williams was just making a theme or a statement in tennis this year. One that will now be leading the major national and ESPN stations to modify their airing of good wholesome sporting events.

And now their will be blurring of possible naked body parts. Since when did sports need to be rated for children? Well, since Venus Williams…she has made a statement with artistic license! What do you think of Venus’ naked underwear and her creativity?

Source: Uk Today News


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