Friday, Anthony Bourdain, and the Jonas Brothers

Hello Gather friends! Thanks for all the articles, comments and photos that have brightened an otherwise boring week here in the middle of nowhere. It's been busy at work…but I like it that way. Friday night, closely followed by Saturday morning, is my favorite time of the week. This Friday night is special as I'm expecting my niece from Raleigh to arrive at any moment for a weekend visit. And she's bringing along her new boyfriend.

I just learned that Anthony Bourdain is coming to the big city, about an hour from here. He's a cook who sometimes serves as a judge on Top Chef and hosts "No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain" on the Travel Channel. This is my husband's favorite shows. Bourdain basically travels the world and shares his eating experiences. He may be eating at a famous restaurant in Rome, but more often he's eating at some local hang-out (almost like a snack bar) in a faraway village. I thought tickets to the show and a VIP book signing would be a great way to treat hubby. So, I call the venue. I don't think we're exactly VIPs as the cost for entrance to the VIP book signing is $140. And that doesn't include the book. (Who does this guy think he is…Barry Manilow?) The tickets to just the show (which is a talk, not a cooking event) is $40. For both of us, that's $80 bucks. Has anyone seen him speak before…is he worth it?

On Sunday, I'm taking my middle niece to see the Jonas Brothers. She's 8 and she really loves them. I don't look forward to this and I don't know if I would recognize many of their songs. She thinks the one with the curly hair is the cutest. I asked her what would she do if he showed up to take her to the movie instead of me. She said she would take him to McDonalds! (Gee, I wonder if he would get stuck in the ball pit of their playland.) My niece is so sweet. She's the quiet type. Does very well in school and helps her grandma around the house a lot. Doesn't require, and often doesn't get, much attention. At times like this, I wish I was rich. I would pay how much ever Nick (I think that's the one with curly hair) wanted to surprise my niece by showing up to have lunch with her at school one day. That would make her feel so special.

Thanks for reading my post. I'll be up for a while (hopefully) and I look forward to reading about your weekend plans, how your Friday ways and perhaps even the curly-headed Jonas Brothers. After all, you never know who you're going to find on Gather!


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