Friday Writing Essentials – 10/11/2013 -favorite shows – “Laughing with – The Golden Girls-“

Today’s prompt: Tell me about favorite shows from bygone years that you still (or would) watch today. Why do they continue to hold interested for you?

“Laughing with – The Golden Girls-“

by Heather L Campbell

October 11, 2013r


One show from bygone years that I still watch today is The Golden Girls.  Sometimes I can find it on late night cable tv.  Three episodes are aired in a row.

I am not one to re-read books and re-watch a movie/tv show unless it is a favorite.  The Golden Girls is a favorite of mine and easy to re-watch.

This cast worked so well together… and it was a show so well written that even all these decades later many of the issues they dealt with are relevant.

It is not easy to grow old and in this economy it is difficult to hang on to one’s home. In this show the scenario was that the character, Blanche Devereaux decided to run an ad for roommates…

Three came along, Rose Nylund, Dorothy Zbornak and her mother Sophia Petrillo.  Three very different women with three distinct personalities and life views, but as close to each other as any “family” could be.

Of all the actresses that were in these starring role, only Betty White who played Rose Nylund is still alive.  In her recent performances on “Hot in Cleveland” she is such a pistol…. versus the role she played on the Golden Girls.  She has great range. I remember her from Password with Allen Ludden her late husband as well as other tv shows she was cast in. (Betty White amazes me as she is the same age of my late mother)

Many of us ‘grew up’ watching these actresses in other roles… in their vast careers.  What a talented group of women and they really got to show they still had “it” at a later age, ie: singing and dancing.

Sophia because of a glitch in her brain ( I identify as I have it, lol) is able to say what people normally keep to themselves.  She has some of the funniest lines… in this show.

One of the best things I feel about “The Golden Girls” is that senior citizens, are just like anyone else… and these actresses help people see that they have all the some same issues as younger people do and some unique to being older.  Age Happens… and many times before one even realizes it.  It is to all their advantage to be together as a “family”, and not just to be able to share a late night snack of cheesecake..  :)

Conflict resolution is also included in many scripts and I found that to be a wonderful thing for a show to include.  There are conflicts between the 4 women as well as their children, parents, late and ex-husbands and siblings.

We all have conflicts with others  in our lives and many times are not able to navigate them well…   It is helpful to see how there can be conflict resolution in peaceful ways.

The best part of this show is it makes us laugh. We all have times were we so need to laugh.  Laughter they say is the best medicine!

The show ran for 7 years and there are 180 shows in syndication.  It was a runaway hit on NBC and I think it will be a lasting treasure to many generations. 

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