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Here are the rules according to the best English teacher (bless her heart, wherever she may be) I ever had:

Don’t say “irregardless.” The correct word is “regardless.” (And I haven’t had much argument on this one. :-))

Alot is considered substandard. A lot (two separate words) is considered to be correct.

Alright is considered substandard. All right (two separate words) is considered to be correct.

You’ll hear people argue about alot and alright all the time. Personally, I avoid using either, but I know I’m in the minority these days. :-)

All right. (There I go again. :-)) The challenge for today is another freestyle-type prompt. I want you to describe the smartest person you know. Whether they’re smart because of life-experience, education, common sense, natural intelligence, or whatever, I want you to tell us why you feel they are smart. How do you know them? Are you drawn to them, or repelled? And I want this to be someone you’ve actually met, who has had an impression on you in one way or another.

As part of the challenge, use the three words above (in whichever form you choose: regardless, a lot, and all right, or the other way around). Make sure they fit in naturally with what you’re saying


My son is actually the smartest person I know, my granddaughter is a close second and may even surpass him as she gets older. Mark is a senior supervisor for his company and travels a lot. But he is always there for his daughter or I and when he gives advice I take it to heart. He is very warm and caring but he buries it under a brittle attitude. He is a master of the veiled put down which causes people to try hard to get on his good side. Unfortunately he never lets you know if you are there. But if he ever puts you down, you know you’ve angered him.


My son has never been to college but he has passed an EMT exam and went on to other classes that would make him an expert first responder. He is determined and always honors his responsibilities. If he says he will do it, you can bet it will be done and well. These morals have helped him to rise to the top of the jobs he has had and to be the first called upon when extra work needs to be done.


My son lives by his own rules and tries to find the best in all of his friends and family and most of all in himself!!

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