Friends.. The time is drawing near.

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Say guy’s and gal’s. I will be gone for awhile. NO I AM NOT LEAVING PERMANENTLY. I am slated for surgery. So posting and computer will be out of the question for 5 weeks. Maybe longer, all contingent on healing speed. Anyway, I wanted to tell you about Nemesis 666. He is a friend of mine. Good guy. A bit radical. but good guy over all. He will keep you entertained and maybe even ward off a few Liberatard Trolls in the process. Befriend him if you choose. He writes some pretty good stuff. He was a hit on My Space years ago. Until he split. He has talent. So give him a shot, and do not let that name intimidate you if your a Christian. He is respectful to a point, unless your a Liberatard. He cannot stand the delusional communistic far hard left. He will chew them up and spit them out all in the protection of our God Given Rights to be free of oppression.

I will see you’s soon. Be careful. And.. keep up the good fight.

Yours truly…




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