Fringe Goes Retro With “Subject 13″

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If you missed last night’s retro episode of Fox’s “Fringe”, you missed a whole bunch of back story into the first meeting of Olivia and Peter, when they were children. The episode takes place entirely in 1985, shortly after Peter was kidnapped by Walter.

If you were wondering how Peter handled being brought to this universe, this episode reveals the poor kid’s grief and confusion. He knows Mom and Dad are not truly his family, and takes some drastic measures to get back to his own world.

At the same time Peter is trying to get a grip on his own situation, a little girl in Florida is undergoing some brutal psychological testing run by “Dr. Walter.” The little girl is our Olivia. It seems she has been transporting herself to the other side when facing extreme fear.

After Peter’s failed attempt to return to his true home, his Mom hightails it with the kid to Florida where Walter is working.

Needless to say, but Peter and Olivia meet and have an instant connection. After an explosive incident, Peter realizes that Olivia has seen his home world.

Unfortunately, one of Olivia’s flashes to the other side lets Walternate realize where his son really is.

This episode of “Fringe” is packed with back story, which explains a lot, but doesn’t explain how both Peter and Olivia forgot their first meeting, and how Peter himself forgot his kidnapping. Hopefully this will be explained in future episodes.

The writers of “Fringe” promise a boatload of “I didn’t see that coming” moments in the last episodes of this season. The show wraps up the season in May, so there are a lot of those moments yet to come.  You won’t want to miss a minute.

If you missed last night’s show, it will be replayed Saturday night at 11:00, or you can catch it online be following the above link.



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