‘Fringe’ Renewed: Season 5 Will Be Its Last

The future of Fringe has been a giant question mark for some time now, but its fate has finally been revealed: It will be back for more in the fall.

Season 5 Is Official

Photo Credit: Andrew Matusik/FOXAccording to Entertainment Weekly, Fox has renewed the drama for a final season of 13 episodes. The series hasn’t been bringing in the numbers the network wanted to see in its Friday 9 p.m. time slot, but it has decided that it’s worth giving it a chance to air a final season. Apparently, “the key was studio Warner Bros. offering a good deal to Fox on the remaining episodes.” Fans have been pushing for the show to be renewed, and this scenario was one of the ones expected when the time came to reveal its future.

Did Fringe suffer from a poor choice in time slot this season? Airing Fridays at 9 meant that it went up against shows like Supernatural and Grimm, shows that seem likely to attract many of the same fans. Will more people tune in next year knowing it’s the show’s last? Producers apparently were prepared if the show wasn’t picked up, and there had been talk of two different endings shot for the last episode of season 4, depending on whether they were given another year or not. Now, they’ll know when they’re ending, and that should give them the chance to wrap things up how they want to in season 5.

Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly has released the following quote: ” Fringe is a remarkably creative series that has set the bar as one of television’s most imaginative dramas. Bringing it back for a final 13 allows us to provide the climactic conclusion that its passionate and loyal fans deserve. The amazing work the producers, writers and the incredibly talented cast and crew have delivered the last four seasons has literally been out of this world. Although the end is bittersweet, it’s going to be a very exciting final chapter.”

J.J. Abrams has also talked about the renewal: “We are thrilled and beyond grateful that Fox – and our fans – have made the impossible possible: Fringe will continue into a fifth season that will allow the series to conclude in a wild and thrilling way. All of us at Bad Robot are forever indebted to our viewers and the amazingly supportive Fox network for allowing the adventures of Fringe Division to not only continue, but to resolve in a way that perfectly fits the show.” There’s also already a trailer out for the final season (below), recapping everything that has happened.

Will you be tuning in to Fringe season 5, the show’s last? Were you expecting this?

Photo Credit: Andrew Matusik/FOX

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