‘Fringe’ Season 4 Episode 21 ‘Brave New World: Part 1′ Sneak Peeks: Peter and Olivia’s Future

Fringe season 4 continues this week with episode 21, “Brave New World: Part 1.” The bridge may be closed but they still have to worry about what David Robert Jones has planned and what it means for their futures.

Fringe Season 4 Episode 21 “Brave New World: Part 1″ Sneak Peeks

Photo Credit: Michael Courtney/FOXThree sneak peeks have been released teasing what’s coming up on Fringe, and two of them focus on the case while the other is about Peter and Olivia.

In the first sneak peek (below), Peter and Olivia are in bed going over real estate listings. He mentions he had a lab when he was growing up even though he was allergic. That’s when it definitely came in handy to have Walter as a father—he made the dog non-allergenic. What else would you expect from Walter? However, the most interesting part of the conversation comes when Olivia asks, “Nursery?” and Peter asks right back, “Nursery?” She confirms with “nursery.” Now that’s a whole conversation right there just in repeating the same word twice in different ways. Just as they’re about to kiss, the outside world interrupts and their phones ring. It’s a sweet scene and obviously not one that’s finished.

The second Fringe season 4 episode 21 clip (below) shows Walter and Astrid at the crime scene. People lie dead, at least smoking, on the ground, and Walter’s trying to direct someone in a Hazmat suit over to the woman smoking. It’s not working too well, and Walter reacts exactly as you expect. After Astrid mother hens him a bit and buttons his coat, the area is announced to be safe and Walter and Astrid enter. What will they find?

In the third “Brave New World: Part 1″ sneak peek (below), Walter’s examining a body when Jessica Holt (Rebecca Mader) asks, after a bit of miscommunication, what he’s doing. He asks if he can take a blood sample, and while he is, he notices smudging on her fingers. She thinks it could be from the escalator, and he looks up. Previous spoilers have revealed that she’ll be in both parts of “Brave New World,” and executive producer J.H. Wyman said, “She will have an emotional connection with Olivia. They may find out they have more in common than they first thought.” Just from this clip you assume there’s more to this character. What will be revealed about Jessica? Is there going to be something in that blood sample Walter takes?

What do you think of the Fringe season 4 episode 21 sneak peeks from “Brave New World: Part 1″?

Photo Credit: Michael Courtney/FOX

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