‘Fringe’ Season 4 Finale ‘Brave New World, Part 2′ Preview: Is This the End?

Fringe season 4 comes to an end next week with the finale, episode 22, “Brave New World, Part 2.” With the identity of the person behind everything now revealed and one of the team’s lives hanging in the balance, how will it all end?

Fringe Season 4 Episode 22 “Brave New World, Part 2″ Promo

“In the climactic conclusion of the Season Four finale, the Fringe team is pushed to their breaking point as they desperately attempt to prevent a catastrophic event that threatens the lives of everyone.”

<a href="http://www....What’s coming up in the Fringe season 4 finale? Well, there’s still a lot left up in the air after the first part of “Brave New World,” and it’s hard not to worry about what could happen to lead into Fringe‘s fifth and final season. After all, if they can shoot Astrid and show Bell greeting Walter in the final moments of episode 21, what else do they have up their sleeves? The question seems to be more so, how will Astrid live than if she will. She was in amber in 2036, but could that future change? What is Bell going to have to say to Walter? Speaking of 2036, will whatever Bell did to Olivia happen in this episode?

The Fringe season 4 finale promo for episode 22 “Brave New World, Part 2″ (below) just leaves you with more questions. Bell tells Walter, “If we are capable of being gods, then it is our destiny to do so.” Uh-oh, doesn’t that just give you chills? An Observer is going to show up, and Olivia says, “He’s been activating me.” Is that part of whatever Bell does to Olivia that was mentioned in 2036? What’s going to happen to her next? The first part showed her discovering more abilities, which did end up coming in handy, first with Jessica, then Peter. Speaking of Jessica, she’s back. Because the casting news revealed that Rebecca Mader would be in both parts of the finale, you knew something else was coming up with her. The promo shows her saying, “This was a future he didn’t foresee.” Who is she exactly? How will she be involved in the finale?

There is going to be a sweet moment coming up between Peter and Olivia, but is it before something big? Nina does say, “It started.” Two people jump through the air. Who are they? Finally, there’s how the promo ends: with a gunshot and Peter yelling “No!” Who was shot this time? Will that be how the episode ends? Could this be what Bell does to Olivia?

What do you think of the Fringe season 4 finale preview of episode 22 “Brave New World”?

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