‘Fringe’ Season 5 Episode 2 Preview: The Final Battle, Etta Out for Vengeance

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Fringe‘s fifth season continues next week with episode 2, “In Absentia,” which will see the team having to figure out another move now that their original plan has hit a snag.

Fringe Season 5 Episode 2 “In Absentia” Preview

The fifth and final season continues when the Fringe team revisits the Harvard lab, now under Observer control, to try to find the information they need as the team fights on in their mission to save the world.”

Photo Credit: Kharen Hill/FOXWith each episode that airs, the series gets one closer to its series finale, and this season is all about the final battle as the Fringe team tries to figure out how to defeat the Observers despite the missing information from Walter’s head. It’s going to be an exciting season, which the premiere did a good job of setting up, and the latest Fringe season 5 promo isn’t just for episode 2, “In Absentia;” it’s one of those “this season” previews, and the team is going to be busy, if the promo is anything to go by.

Although the Observers have taken over Harvard, Walter isn’t all that concerned about that keeping them from getting in. However, they’re going to discover that the lab has been ambered. It’s a jam-packed promo, but it’s important to note how cold and “hardened” Etta has become as Olivia sees her torturing one of the Loyalist officers. Etta explains, “This is war, and we’re losing,” but what if Etta does something she can’t come back from?

In one clip, it looks like she’s just about to do that when Peter, both appearing to be undercover, stops her and tells her “There will be a time for vengeance, but it is not now.” Will the desire for vengeance get the best of her? Also to note in this promo is that there are experiments “on everything” in the Science building and Olivia’s closing line, “We have to win, so that all the people that died didn’t die for nothing.” What’s going on in the woods?

What do you think of the Fringe season 5 preview for the rest of the series?

Photo Credit: Kharen Hill/FOX

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