‘Fringe’ Season 5: John Noble on Resolution for Walter (Video)

Fringe will be airing its final season on Fox this fall, and it’s taking everyone to the future and 2036. They will be exploring what happened leading up to “Letters of Transit,” though after that is when the new season picks up.

Getting Ready to Say Goodbye

John Noble in the 2012 Comic-Con Fringe press room. ©Meredith JacobsThe cast—Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv, Jasika Nicole, John Noble, and Lance Reddick—and executive producer J.H. Wyman were at Comic-Con to preview what’s coming up, and Gather.com was there to get the scoop about the end of the series.

In the video below, John Noble talks about the reception at the panel and the high emotions that elicited from the panelists. It was an emotional Comic-Con in San Diego between the Firefly panel and the Fringe panel, but what else did you expect?

Noble also talks about how he wants to see the arc end for Walter: “As much as he’s redeemed himself, I think there still needs to be some resolution.” He thinks that Walter has “been punished enough,” and at this point, that does seem to be true. Walt is “always evolving,” and that includes what’s going on with the missing brain piece. That is going to be addressed in the final season of the series.

Was last season the end of Walternate? According to Noble, “I think so. As far as I know, we said goodbye to the alternate universe last year.” Noble calls Walternate “fun” and he talks about the introduction of the alternate universe.

So how is Noble approaching this final season? He says, “I’m approaching this season with enormous trepidation, more anxiety…because it’s such a rare, to say the least, opportunity to get a chance to finish up a story.” They can’t go off on tangents and have to stay direct on the path to the end. With only 13 episodes, it should be a strong final season as they give these characters the resolution they deserve.

Will you be tuning in to Fringe season 5?

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