‘Fringe’ Season 5: Lance Reddick Teases What’s Coming Up

Fringe is going to be airing its final season this fall on Fox, and the cast and executive producer couldn’t say much about what’s coming up in the Comic-Con press room Gather.com attended. However, they did talk about what they’d like to see happen and did drop a few spoilers.

Season 5 Spoilers at Comic-Con

Lance Reddick in the 2012 Comic-Con Fringe press room. ©Meredith JacobsIn the video below, Lance Reddick teases that “Broyles will surprise you when he shows up this season.” He also teases when he first shows up, but he has to keep a lot quiet about what to expect. They’re keeping a lot of what’s happening in the final season secret—as much as they can—and that was evident in the press room.

Reddick also talks a bit about 2036 Broyles and how he’s approaching the character, along with what happened with Alt-Broyles last season. He wasn’t surprised by the twist and “always” thought that was what was coming for his character. Check out the video below for what Reddick has to say about Jeff’s departure, knowing that Fringe season 5 is the last, and more.

Will you be tuning in to Fringe season 5 this fall?

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