‘Fringe’ Season Finale Changes the Game Once Again

When it comes to Fringe, fans have come to expect anything. However, last night’s season finale surely frightened even for the most diehard fan. It began with Walter coming face to face with a dead man—William Bell.

He showed Walter a virtual reality world composed of his hybrid creatures. The look on Walter’s face said it all; shock, betrayal, disillusionment, disbelief and most of all fear.

Jessica Holt, the woman Olivia saved last week calls the agent to say someone is following her. As the camera pans to her house, the audience sees it is the Observer. However, something’s wrong. He’s trapped by a symbol painted on the floor. It’s a setup. When Olivia and Peter get there all they find is a hole in the floor.

Up to that point they’re still unaware that Walter is missing. They learn about his kidnapping Astrid who’s been hospitalized for a gunshot wound. She tells where she last saw the elder Bishop. But when arrive, it’s not Walter they find. It’s Jessica and the Observer.

Jessica shoots at the Observer. He stops the bullets by catching them. Then she pulls out a gun designed by William Bell and shoots again. This time the bullet hits its target.

Olivia begs her to stop, but she fires again. This time, Olivia deflects the bullets, sending them into Jessica’s body.

She and Peter take Holt’s body back to the lab to question her with one of Bishop’s machines. Nina Sharp meets them there with even more advanced equipment. Sadly, the interrogation yields nothing. They still don’t know where Walter is.

He’s at sea with Bell, who tells him the new universe was his idea. After Peter’s supposed death, he hated God and wanted to create a new universe where He wasn’t in control. But he changed his mind and Bell remove that part of his brain that held that information.

Bells says after his cancer diagnosis, he decided to carry out Bishop’s idea. He reminds Bishop humans were created in God’s image. Then he says, “if we’re capable of being gods, then it’s our destiny to do so.”

Back at the lab, Nina surmises Bell needs Olivia for something. The Fringe team eventually uncovers what it is. She’s the energy source needed collapse the two worlds.

After using Olivia’s frequency to find Bell, she and Peter take a literal leap of faith, plunging into the sea while jumping universes using Olivia’s power. It works and they land on a boat only Peter could see because he was from the other universe.

As Bell rambles on, Walter loads a gun from his friend’s desk. When Peter and Olivia arrive, Bell tells them they can’t stop anything. It’s too late. Any minute Olivia’s energy will collapse both worlds.

That’s when Walter does the unthinkable. He shoots Olivia between the eyes. As she crumples to the floor dead, Peter cradles her in his arms. Bishop raises the gun to shoot Bell too, but he disappears.

Rushing to Olivia, he tells Peter if they can get the bullet out, the chlortexphan in her brain will heal it. So he removes the bullet via crude surgery. It works; the wound begins to heal.

After getting Olivia checked out at the hospital, Peter notices she’s acting strange. He worries something’s wrong, but everything is right. Olivia is pregnant.

As the episode closes, Walter is cooking in his lab when he turns to see the Observer. He tells Walter “they are coming”, thus setting up a new Fringe challenge for the show’s last season.

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