‘Fringe’s’ Anna Torv on the Final Season, Olivia in the Future, and the Observers

Fringe will be airing its final season this fall on Fox, and if you haven’t watched season 4’s “Letters of Transit,” you should do so immediately because they’re going to the future. The cast and executive producer were at Comic-Con, and Gather.com was on hand in the press room to find out what they could reveal about season 5.

Anna Torv in the 2012 Comic-Con Fringe press room. ©Meredith Jacobs Though she couldn’t really say anything about the season (but she has read the first episode), Anna Torv, in the video below, does say, “[Olivia] is around, because I’m here.” Olivia was noticeably missing from “Letters of Transit,” but it would be impossible to imagine a final season without her in it. That’s just one of the many questions they’re going to have to answer in those final 13 episodes.

Something else they’ll have to address is the matter of Olivia and Etta, and Torv teases, “I think that they’ll have issues that they’ll have to work through.” It is possible that there will be flashbacks to Olivia’s pregnancy, but Torv isn’t sure exactly what they’ll do. With only 13 episodes to finish up the show, which does give them “an end in sight” meaning they “just can give everything,” as Torv puts it, some things may end up not making it in.

With the series going to the future, where the Observers rule, that will give them the chance to likely explore more about them. Torv describes the government under the Observers as “militant” and is interested in exploring “how [the Observers] got back to our timeline, who September is…what’s the point?” Where will this all leave the team?

Will you be tuning into Fringe season 5?

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