Frog Pepper: The Green Pepper That Looks Like A Frog !

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Frog Pepper : The Green Pepper That Looks Like A Frog !

George Corneliussen

In the comment section of ” The Face Of Morning Coffee”


I mentioned that about five years ago we got a bag of green peppers from a local farmers’ market, and when we inspected the peppers after we got home, we were surprised and stunned to find that one of the green peppers looked like a frog head.

In a moment of inspiration, we decided to name the pepper ” Colonel Beauregard T. Frogpepper” for no other reason than to be silly. We then posed the Colonel with a few objects around the house and took some pictures, again just to be silly.

Anna Q. made a request to see the frog pictures in her comment to the ” Morning Coffee” article. After digging through a box of pictures that was in no way, shape, or form labeled, I was able to unearth the shots of the good Colonel.

So here are a few of the “silliest” ones. Do they make a point ? Gee, I hope not.







 Ah,Thank You, Thank you very much.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the Pepper has left the building.”

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