From the Conservative Side of the Aisle: Obama Won Hands Down

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McCain finally had the cojones to take up the issues dogmatic talk show hosts and listeners yearned for him to grab on to and HIT HIT HIT, but it looked rather petty after McCain has been seen chastising, even taking the microphone from his own campaign rally attendees, when they have by intent, or ignorance, sought to promote myths and fairy tales about Obama (he's an Arab, he's a Muslim, he isn't a Unites States citizen, etc.) that have saturated the group of rabid right zealots who are so susceptible to conspiracy theories.

Obama on the other hand, while forced to respond to empty accusations, returned time and time again to the ISSUES.

Obama also did a far better job refuting and explaining his past votes, such as "present" rather than for a bill or against it. McCain didn't bother to even deny the fact he intends to give "massive tax breaks" to "Big Oil."

Even when Obama himself used tired, easily refuted "facts," they were mostly left to fester, as McCain seemed unable to effectively deny anything Obama had to say.

Lastly, someone should tell McCain he doesn't have a sense of humor, and should quit trying to make light of important issues.

Better yet, they should just tell him to go buy one, and get a staff writer. May I suggest Dennis Miller.

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