Frugal and Green Halloween costume ideas!

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Halloween will be here before we know it.  From all of the store displays it seems as though it’s already here!  Are you looking for a costume for either you or your children? Before spending a lot of money buying one at the store, think about going with one of these options that are easier on your wallet and the environment!

Make your own costume.  Disney Family Fun has some GREAT halloween costume ideas.  This is actually my favorite parenting magazines that I’ve ever gotten.  It’s not constantly telling you to go buy the latest product, and always has great crafts using things from around the house.

Look on Craigslist for a used costume.  Costumes only get worn for a little while, so they are great things to buy used.  This way you can usually get a higher quality costume for less money.

Look at garage sales.  This is where I got Little Miss’ ADORABLE costume for this year. They didn’t even have the costume out at the garage sale, I just asked the lady if she had any for sale. 

Check out your local thrift store.  Our thrift store had a ton of NEW costumes for sale very cheap.  They were donated by a store last year, and they kept them until Halloween season this year.  They also had decorations, socks, hats and other items.  I bought Little Miss some socks that light up when she walks! 

Do your children have their costumes for this year yet?  Are you buying a costume or making one? 


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