Fun with Tractors – and introducing my new photo website

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I am introducing my new photography website. Along with this new series of Antique Tractors doing things they are not supposed to, my website also features my best photos and info on how to purchase photos and notecards that I print using the photos. Here is a sneak peak at what is inside….




“Illinois Dreamin’ “


“The Chorus Line”


“Wish You Were Here!”

“Bring It.”

I hope you enjoy this series, there are several more to see in my website -  there is a tractor playing in the fall leaves; one skewered on the sign of a famous burger joint; a giant gymnastic pyramid using ALL my tractor friends.  And I’m sure you can imagine the one I had to put in dowtown Tokyo….    I guarantee it will be worth your time to see!!!  And thank you for leaving a comment here AND a sending a message to me using the website’s ‘contact me’ option.

I appreciate the Gather community for giving me the opportunity to get exposure like this. It is priceless!  After looking at so many lovely photos here on Gather and getting feedback on my own photos, I have learned a lot about myself, what I like, and why I take pictures in a certain way.  I thank you all for that! I am looking forward to having website visits from all over the world.

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