Fundraising Ideas by Obama Campaign Breaks All Fund Raising Records

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The fundraising ideas of the Barack Obama Campaign in the 2012 election has earned them the title of “Greatest Fundraiser of All Time” and while there may not be an official award that goes with this unofficial title, it is something that will live in history for a long time to come.

Barack Obama

Obama was able to raise $1.4 billion through his personal campaign committee for the two successful campaigns to take the big chair at the White House. The campaign’s official name is Obama for America, and Thursday they filed a report showing the final two and a half weeks before the election ended. In the report, Obama was able to raise $88 million and spent a total of $176 million. By contrast, Mitt Romney was only able to raise $66 million and spend $107 million during that period.

Obviously, the American people were willing to not only get out and vote for President Obama, but also they were willing to make sure he had the money to win the election, and campaign spending was likely a large part of why Obama won the election, with $83 million being spent on television ads alone from October 18th to the end of the election.

Obama raised a grand total of $730 million for this particular presidential campaign, while Mitt Romney only raised $473 million during that same period. The 2008 campaign saw him break the record, raising $493 million, and this campaign was just $20 million short of that, and combined set a record that it will be difficult for any future presidential hopeful to match. So, if you need fundraising ideas, President Obama and his campaign people are the ones to ask.

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