Funny Dog Video: Cat’s Got His Tongue (YouTube)

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This funny dog video shows why they’re known as man’s best friend. Because they’re always good for a laugh. Especially when they have no idea they’re being hilarious.

Oldblue.jpgIn this case, Fido wakes from a little nap to hear a strange noise: some kind of mewling cat. Where is that little bugger? Is he over here? Over there? This funny dog video shows that some canines are a victim of their own heightened senses. Super hearing has him so transfixed, he forgets his tongue is hanging out–just enough to look really goofy.

As his owner chuckles and calls out his name, it only adds to the confusion: Did you get another pet while I was asleep? How could you do such a thing to me? Haven’t I been a loyal friend and protector?

Of course it’s the classic situation. The cat sound is coming from the TV in the background. But as far as dog and cat language goes, there’s some kind of secret code going on that humans will never decipher.

Good thing too. It just adds to the fun…


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