FWE/ 10,18,13/ Dental Horror Show

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Just in time for Hallowee, you ask for a dental tale.

First you need to know I was a premie. My mother swore up and down that she drank lots of milk while carrying me. I believe her.

The real problem was cigarettes.  She smoked from the age of 10 till she quit at 73.

She was around fifteen when I was born.

Why am I bringing this up? Because I had what they call chalk teeth, dang little calcium or enamal, and studies later showed that tobacco was often the cause.

I have the shivers at the sound of a dental drill to this day.

No longer any real reason for that fear, as I had my last teeth pulled out at thirty one.

The dentist told me they should have been removed when I was fifteen.

And they have never been able to fit me for dentures.  They just don’t fit no matter what they do, and they dig.


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