FWE Dialogue (Jan 24, 2014): Stories and Snippets

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Stories and Snippets

(For the Friday Writing Essential)


The Challenge:

Post several one-sentence examples of different character’s dialogue from your own writing

Ask readers to guess the age/gender of the characters

See what the responses are, then work on your dialogue (or pat yourself on the back) accordingly


So here are my lines of dialogue taken from various stories:

  • “Cause I don’t wanna watch the dumb old TV or read a dumb, stupid book.”
  • “No, sir we do not let our employees fraternize with the clients. And we have a strict policy against any bloodsucking; clients will be terminated upon violation of this rule.”
  • “They’re sure about this? They definitely found non-fairyland DNA at the crime scene?”
  • “Most everybody just thought they were nutty Europeans, although Marcy thought they were a gay couple from the States, California maybe, and Crazy Mitchell swore they were mobsters to anyone who would listen.”
  • “Did you have fun with your tinkering? I swear sometimes you spend more time with your little hobby than you do with me.”
  • “Oh the horror! Save the women and children and the Twix! She’s goin’ ta blow, Captain!”


Now you get to guess. Have fun!


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