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I hope this Friday finds all of you well! I myself am incredibly happy because tomorrow morning, I will be embarking on the long journey home by tiny, cramped plane! For those of you that don’t know, my home happens to be the glorious state of Montana where I will be stuck in a windowless hospital room watching my niece come into this world.

OK, totally worth missing out on the hiking and camping but still, I do miss the wild prairies and mountain ranges of rough and tumble Montana.

The newest member of my family will be named Lucy Mae McNulty and she is already itching to get out of that comfortable womb she’s called home for the last nine months to join my sister and I in her new home, the place both of us grew up.

This week, I would love to read your poems centered on the place you call home. Whether it be where you grew up, where you are now, or a place you just feel….mmmmmm in, write about it! Show me your childhood haunts or your comfortable retirement spot, but also make me smell the baking cookies, feel the texture of your favorite snuggle blanket draped over your comfy couch, and experience the sense of contentment your home brings…

Looking forward to some great writing and join me in welcoming my niece to her new home! My own soon to follow, promise…

Prompt: May 13th—May 21st ‘FWE ~ Home Sweet Home’

Deadline: Thursday, May 26th Midnight ET

Put ‘FWE Home Sweet Home’ in your title and tag and post to Gather Writing Essentials or I will not find it. Remember to put ‘whetstone’ at the bottom if you would like constructive criticism or edits from me.



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