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Villains are my favorite ones to write –anything is possible. You can write them with a redeemable quality or make them totally heinous and reprehensible. My villains in the book I am having publ’d in the new year are my faves.  Dave Meecham starts of bad and is cahoots with Ford. Dave is a cop but does stuff to cover Fords butt.  There is a point where some bad guys will only go so far before they cross that line between bad and horrible.  The reader needs to question the villains motives and ask why is  so-and-so being a crepizoid?  Ford has info on Meecham and will use it to keep him under his thumb. Meecham has an epiphany and decides it’s not worth it to protect Ford any longer.

Ford on the other hand has no conscience. It’s all about whats in it for him. He can turn on the charm and schmooze just about anyone. He will get his way even if killing is part of the equation. Ford is highly competitive and narcissistic with a bad attitude.

It was fun to write these two losers as I could get mean and sarcastic. I liked writing Dave’s epiphany as it showed he could be reformed and willing to lose his job and do time if necessary.  I loved justice being served at the end as Ford was beaten at his own race.

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