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Challenge:  Let’s focus on short story fiction.


The Preserver

It’s not hard to catch a newt’s eye if you have an hourglass figure, but Wanda doesn’t know that.


“Wanda, I tell you this every time you come in.  I do not cast spells.  I just catch the eye of the newt, dissect them and preserve them.  No, I won’t tell you how I do it.  The secret of preserving these politici… er, creatures has been handed down to me for generations and I will not share it with you.  Now, that will be $1,000 and use it with care.”  He handed the skinny old lady, who bore a huge wart on her rather rotund nose, a newt eye.

Wanda kept begging him for his preservation techniques, but he knew it was only because he was rich and Wanda had no wealthy spell casts under her belt.  In other words, she was almost broke.  In reality, she had no spells of value.  Truly, what can be gained by a spell that turns hornets into zombies?  Then, when the spell wears out they become non-zombies and they are ticked.  Trust me on this.  You do not want to know what a no longer zombie does in revenge.

Poor Wanda.  Her only income was government help because, as we all know, she needed a broomstick for transportation and the government feels that this is a handicap because she is unable to walk.  Wanda uses most of her government handouts on the newt eye because she is working on a fantastic spell that, when figured out, will light up the world.

She boiled a brew with a bit of the eye, quite a few lizards that she’d caught, a few spiders, centipedes and other such critters, but this time her chant was different.  She cried out, “Let the world see my light.”  It worked!

Her boiling brew caught on fire, burned her broomstick and then burned her house down.  The firefighters tried to save her but when they doused her house with water, she melted.  The poor preserver then had no income and went on disability.


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