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Funny you should mention marketing this week. I am working on my marketing blitz with my rep from Friesen press for DAYTONA DEAD.

I have been given homework to do. This includes researching my target market based on who has bought my stuff in the past.  I also researched the competition in the market place for books in the light mystery/cozy category. I am right in there with Janet Evanovich and Leslie Langtry not to mention Diane Mott Davidson. Heavy hitters if you ask me.

I also need to figure out what my Unique selling point is.  This will determine what direction I will take.

My strategy is that I am going to market the fact that my character seems to attracted dead people. She is a corpse magnet!

I want to do a book launch at a local store and hope to attract print and radio media attraction for the book and the series as a whole. I have a basic press kit for all my books ready but I am going to tweak it for Daytona dead.

I have been doing all the free promotional stuff all along for my first 3 books and plan to continue to promote the same way for this one.

  • joining websites like www.wmauthors.com and www.cerealauthors.com
  • internet blogspotradio interviews
  • bloghops
  • weekend book sales
  • shamelessly self-promoting myself on facebook and goodreads.

It’s been an education so far

Next steps are

  • vision interview-answering a questionaire about my goals
  • from there we will determine what course of action to take with the marketing and the press kits
  • I also need an elevator pitch

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