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Hey Fred it’s me Karen Vaughan. I really need a cover done for my book DAYTONA DEAD.

This is the idea I have. The premise of the story is this:  Laura and Gerry Fitz are in Daytona Beach Florida on their honeymoon.

Her ex-husband Lou is there as well but they don’t meet up at least not til its too late.

Lou has been mowed down by someone with an axe to grind. The killer is a Nascar racer by day but also collects vintage cars and is using one to do his dirty work.

This is what I am thinking. I would like a representation of the classic car and the the race car in the same picture. If thats possible. If not I would at least like a picture of the classic car. Black is the colour of choice with blood on the grille.  I would like my name done in yellow tape like this.

I would really appreciate the help on this project



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