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My online dealings have been quite simple.  I started of on FACE BOOK to make friends and connect with those I had in real life and from my days on MSN and ICQ.  Even as I was writing my books I was subtle with my approach. I never really came out with I am a writer please read my book–I am hearing shades of PAPERBACK WRITER as I say this.

I joined discussion groups regarding other peoples work. I saw other people advertising their writings that they had published.  I asked about the protocol to politely promote ones books. So I joined a group of like minded people and we blog and guest blog and be supportive.

I am having a great time with it. Five us just spent a week on a blog hop to let each other shine.  Every Saturday I take part in a shameless self-promo event.   I have met so many entertaining and sweet people online and its making the experience more rewarding than just pushing my stuff.

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Funny , entertaining, love to share my work and show off the grandson--can't help it. the boy is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!

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