G-20 in Pittsburgh; Tuesday afternoon update

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New since this morning…

I read on the WPXI website that a protest group had set up a display to show how many Darfur villages had been destroyed. On the way there, I took photos of anything new or interesting.

First up are the concrete barriers all lined up and ready to go outside my building. It was a little odd … yesterday they had three here, but brought those big trucks and took them away. At some point they must have brought others here. Does that make sense to you?

Another view of Schenley Drive with the screens up. You might be bored with this, but it’s very weird for me. Usually this area is pristine and park-like.

This was new since this morning! There are lots of cars parked back there. They’d better move before they close the screens, as it’s one-way coming down the hill! LOL!

This is new since this morning, too! This fountain has been broken and mud-filled for months. Normally they open it at the beginning of the summer, but this year they just left it gathering leaves and junk. I guess visiting dignitaries are enough motivation to fix things.

This is an up-close photo of the screens down at the bottom of Schenley near Phipps.

This amused me. This limo-driver stood outside that limo with the umbrella the entire time I was walking around. Is there some rule that says the drivers aren’t allowed to wait inside the car? We see a lot of limos and limo drivers around campus, since any visitors are picked up at the airport by a limo. This limo and driver looks a little different. He looks like he came with someone Very Important. He was also double-parked, which amazed me that they allowed him to stay. That also says this was someone Important.

This is a long view of the protest. There are an awful lot of villages listed here that were destroyed. It’s a shame what humans do to other humans and what feeble excuses are given. They’re trying to catch the eye of the dignitaries, but I really don’t see where this display is going to change anybody’s mind on the subject. It is interesting, though. Maybe it will help get the word out to people in general.

This photo is an example of Barb being goofy. It just tickled me to take a photo of someone taking a photo. Again, I’m easily amused. Shrug. :)

This is a closer shot of the names of villages destroyed from the side of the display.

About this point in my travels, I realized I’d taken a late lunch and had to be back in the office in … hmmm … 5 minutes! Eeeeek! My boss wants me there when he comes in (usually 5 minutes late for class) so he can have me copy things for him for class. I trotted up the hill. Of course, it really started to rain and silly me forget the umbrella. Sigh.

By the time I got to my desk I was flushed and sweaty. Did the boss notice? Nope. LOL!


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