G-20 in Pittsburgh, Wednesday update

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Went out at lunchtime to take more photos of anything interesting. More screens on Frew Street and some upgrades to The Fence and the shanty town on The Cut. Students selling “Apathy” t-shirts for people who think all the hoopla about G-20 is silly. Fine examples of security in action (we are so screwed if anything happens here).

The best part was the students selling t-shirts for people who think all this fuss over the G-20 is silly.


I was amused :)  If I’d had $5, I would have purchased one for my husband. That’s the kind of shirt hubby would have fun wearing. 

Nearby was the ever-vigilant police presence. Snicker.

Here’s a shot of the helicopter that’s been circling campus for the last 15 minutes. You wouldn’t think that would be annoying, but it is. It’s just hovering up there like some annoying giant dragonfly or something. Bzzzt. Bzzzt. Go away, you bug me.

The props are a new and interesting addition to the shacks. Not sure what they’re supposed to be. Maybe something to do with harnessing wind energy. It might go with the shack with the grass roof. Ecologically conscious shanty town? LOL!

A peek inside one of the shacks. Notice the computers. CMU has wireless access everywhere. Apparently they have electricity from a nearby building, for lighting.

This board shows activities that are both CMU and G-20 related. Interesting. March to Schenley Plaza Friday morning? Cool. Administration asked if I was coming in Friday and I said I planned to, but if the roads are blocked, I’m not coming in.

Things have changed since yesterday. It looks like they’ve added a “wing” to this structure.

Very jumbled, visually speaking. Interesting but bizarre.

Some of this is new, too. This thing grows like magic overnight. I have this mental image of vampire students working in darkness …

This is the back view of the whole mess. Traditionally, they’re only allowed to do this for a week.

Basically, nothing terribly interesting happening on campus. Things might happen tomorrow, and I’d be inclined to be here, but with all the road closures, the only way I could get here would be walk or bus, and I’m much too lazy to go to that extreme. :)

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