G-20 Monday morning in Pittsburgh, on my way to work

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I borrowed a friend’s camera, since mine died (insert weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth). I brought it with me to work today so I could record anything unusual or different. The only sign of violence was a smashed bus shelter. We sometimes have things like that happen, but I don’t ever recall seeing anything like this in this particular area.

They did a pretty good job on this thing. Look how crooked it is.

These posters are all over the place.

CMU Campus, Tech field. All normal here.

CMU Campus, corner of Tech and Frew Street. All normal here, too.

Corner of Margaret Morrison building, tennis courts.

Then we get to the entrance of my building. We were supposed to have a guard* and not be able to get into the building without swiping our card. Hmmmmmm …. seems to be something missing here …

No guard, and one person swiped their card, hit the handicapped door opener and all sorts of people walked through. That door opener holds the door open for a rather long time.

Here it is just hanging open. Yeah, yup, real good security. A freaking horse could get through! I don’t know what they can do about this, though. You can’t turn off the automatic door. Handicapped people deserve to be able to get in, too.

I assume/hope they intend to actually have security later in the week. Not that I really expect much to happen.

I have been hearing a lot more sirens than normal for a Monday morning, though, so perhaps things are happening elsewhere. I plan to take photos throughout the week and keep you posted on the status of things.

*UPDATE: Our building manager said the guard is supposed to start on Wednesday. I guess I got confused.

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