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I just got back from Pittsburgh with my sister Susan. We had driven there in her Infiniti G20 only to discover that the Summit was not an Infiniti Conference. We did stay long enough to see lunacy at its best.

 As we found out, the G20 Summit is a meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors of 19 of the largest countries (economically speaking) of the world plus the European Union.

Although the summit was about financial issues it didn’t keep all the wingnut protesters from coming out. The environmentalists, Tibetans and Palestinians, among others were there.  The only group I didn’t notice was the Pro-Life people. The anarchist and anti-capitalist groups were there. It is no coincidence that the protests coincided with the opening of Michael Moore’s movie Capitalism- A Love Story.

Michael Moore is against capitalism this week even though without it he would never have had any success as a filmmaker. He was recently asked how Detroit could be saved. He responded by saying, “It revolves around good-paying jobs.” I hate to be the bearer of bad news but there are very few good paying jobs in non-capitalist countries.

The non-capitalist nations of the world today are more brutally repressed even than those of feudal Europe, which explains why, despite the global diffusion of American technology, their living standards are virtually identical to that earlier era. When the mind is suppressed, technological, industrial, and agricultural development – the achievements of the mind – are stifled.

Capitalism protects the inalienable rights of the individual and is, therefore, the only moral system. Because it respects the minds and rights of all individuals, it thereby creates vast wealth, and is the only practical system. By contrast, statism systematically violates the rights of individuals and is, therefore, immoral. Because it suppresses the mind and violates men’s rights, it thereby causes abysmal poverty and is utterly impractical.

In a list of countries ranked by economic freedom, Cuba, Zimbabwe, and North Korea ranked last. I would suggest to the anti-capitalists that you would be welcome in any of these countries

One of the protesters, Rachel Something or other, was there with her 18 month old daughter on her back. If this doesn’t qualify for child endangerment, I can’t imagine what would. When I lived in Beirut and the sirens sounded, I didn’t run outside to see what was happening.

In America we have free speech, which includes making a fool of yourself. God bless America and no where else.

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