Gabbiee Swainson Was Not Eligible for Amber Alert

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Gabbiee Swainson remains missing without any updates in the search for her, but questions about the case are still frequently being asked. Like in every other high profile missing persons case, people want to know why an Amber Alert wasn’t used when she was reported missing. The truth of the matter is that Gabrielle Swainson wasn’t eligible for an Amber Alert.

In order for an Amber Alert to be issued, there must be clear and present danger of abduction, a vehicle must be sighted; it must be confirmed that the child is abducted. You see, an Amber Alert goes into effect when someone sees a creep yank a child into his van—when it’s absolutely confirmed that this is a kidnapping. It wasn’t confirmed at the time that Gabrielle Swainson had been reported missing. By the time she was reported missing, it wasn’t known how long she’d even been gone! The alert system just wouldn’t have been suitable for the situation.

There are people who want new alert systems in place for anytime a child goes missing. In Iowa, the “Cousin’s Law” has been suggested by a woman who just cares about children. She was inspired by the disappearance of Missing Iowa cousins Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins. “Cousin’s Law” would make reaction times by police faster in any missing child’s report regardless of Amber Alert criteria. Maybe other communities around the country could consider the same idea, inspired by none other than missing Iowa girls Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins—who have been missing for two months now.

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