Gabrielle Swainson’s Kidnapper Pretended to Search for Her

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The man who kidnapped Gabrielle Swainson participated in the searches for her as a way to direct suspicion away from him. This horrific update in an already tragic story indicates that Freddie Grant displays the behavior of a predator who knows how to get away with horrendous crimes. The man who had once dated the missing teen’s mother acted brazenly by inserting himself right in the thick of the massive search for her — after he committed an unthinkable crime involving that very young lady.

Gabrielle SwainsonFreddie Grant is being described as a “monster” by the sheriff of Richland County, and this is probably true. He’s not only considered a person of interest in an unsolved homicide from the past year, but he may also be connected to the missing person case of his own ex-girlfriend. Knowing that he had no problem putting himself right out there to “search” for Gabbiee Swainson shows that he has a cocky side, confidant that he wasn’t going to be caught for the crimes he’s presumably committed. Fortunately, that confidence is dashed, but he is not cooperating with police.

It takes a certain type of mentality for someone to abduct a teenage girl out of her own room, commit crimes on her person, and then pretend to search for her in public while the case grows into a high-profile case. Either Freddie Grant is incredibly ballsy, incredibly stupid or a combination of both — either way, he’s in custody now and she’s still nowhere to be found.

There are no investigative updates in the search for Gabrielle Swainson, but hopefully that changes very soon. All-too-often do cases like these end negatively with the missing person not being found for years — sometimes never. With the only suspect refusing to cooperate, finding her will be harder. Even though police are holding onto the hope that she can be alive, maybe it’s time to change the direction of the search as though they are looking for her remains. The use of cadaver dogs distributed over the area may prove useful.

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