Gaga Handcuffs TSA Clearance For Travel?

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This is actually one of those scary thoughts, but as the facts of the story unfold it becomes less frightening. Pop star Lady Gaga was leaving Los Angeles on Monday following her sweep of the 2010 MTV Music Awards on Sunday, and she walked on the plane with a very special item attached to her belt.

Gaga handcuffs TSA approved for travel

What item is that? Yes, a pair of handcuffs. In plain sight and attached on her person while at the airport earlier this week. The “Bad Romance” singer walked through security at LAX with them on, and Gaga’s handcuffs cleared LAX security, according to TMZ.

Now everyone is buzzing about the incident. Why was she allowed to carry handcuffs on board? Why is Lady Gaga so special?

Now, don’t get up in arms over that. Calm down little monsters! It is a valid question to think about. Would just anyone be allowed on board with a pair of handcuffs attached to them?

TSA boarding policy – What is and is not legal

The answer to that question is yes. Apparently handcuffs are not against airport security policies on what a passenger can take on board. There are other items that would be confiscated from a passenger, and these include “billy clubs, brass knuckles, kubatons, nightsticks, nunchakus, dynamite, flares, cattle prods, drills and gas torches.”

Certainly would hope these items would not be allowed. It surprising that handcuffs are allowed though. One would think that would cross some line, but apparently it doesn’t! Learn something new  everyday.

At least, Lady Gaga was prepared in case of an emergency on board. Never know when someone will need to be handcuffed. What do you think? Should handcuffs be allowed on board airplanes? Go here for the latest celebrity news.

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