Gainfully Occupied

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 L 4 and C 3: Waiting rooms aren't too bad. Pencil and paper can keep us quiet for a while.

L4:  I am learning how to take dictation. I heard there will be lots of job openings in Washington when the Republicans go home.

C 3 :  Tada! I already know how to do shorthand.

 C 3:  But that's what you said… see, I wrote it all right here, Boss!

C 3:  I swear I did not change a word!

L 4:  Don't look at me,  I was busy the whole time, Boss.  I was writing to Mom and Dad, hehehe.

L 4: Our paycheck?  You're not giving us our paycheck? 

But we want to go shoe shopping after we leave work!


C 3: Grrrrr!  Bosses are dogs…  DOGS!


L 4 and C 3:  Our Washington Lawyers? … they will be calling YOU, Boss!

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