Galliano Defamation Lawsuit Shocks Dior and Fashion World

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Dior designer John Galliano has rocked the fashion world by filing a defamation lawsuit against the Parisian couple who accused him of anti-Semitic remarks. This is obviously an effort by Galliano to save everything – including his coveted job.

According to reports, Galliano was suspended from his job at Dior on Friday after the couple accused him of racist slurs and anti-Semitic comments. Most likely, the suspension of his job was what prompted him to file the defamation lawsuit.

The incident in question happened on Thursday night at Paris’ popular bar La Perle. Galliano was questioned by police after the incident and released. It is also reported that he provided three written statements by witnesses who say he did not make any such remarks to the couple.

Of course, the story has rocked the fashion world and Galliano needs to save his reputation. Hence the lawsuit. If he didn’t make the remarks, and the idea that he did has pretty much cost him his job, then it makes sense that he wants to file a defamation lawsuit to try and resolve the issue and get his job back.

All across the fashion world  – from Dior to Dolce and Gabbana – people are talking about Galliano and his supposed comments.

 “I’m so sorry for John Galliano!!” said Dolce & Gabbana designer Stefano Gabbana via Twitter.

Will filing the lawsuit get Galliano his job back? After all, no one wants to work with an anti-Semitic or a racist. We’ve seen the results after Mel Gibson went on his hate filled tirade a few years back.

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