Gama Goat for Sale?

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Gama Goat For Sale caught my eye and made me think of Selene. Was the beloved faun for sale? What is a Gama Goat for sale and is it something you want or need? Let’s check out the Gama Goat for sale to find out whether it is actually a living goat (possibly wearing a tutu) or something else.

A Gama Goat for sale on Craig’s List recently is actually an amphibious vehicle with six wheels. The Gama Goat was designed to handle the hardest terrains in Vietnam. I wonder if my husband saw a Gama Goat for sale or in action when he was in Vietnam?

Standard military trucks were deemed unfit for South Asian terrain during the Vietnam war. The Gama Goat can actually float! According to Motor News Hub, the M561 Gama Goat was powered by a Detroit Diesel three-cylinder, 2.6 liter two cycle incline three. The Gama Goat could move more than basic supplies.

Wikipedia reports the Gama Goat has four-wheel steering with front and rear wheels turning in opposite directions. The Gama Goat was named for its inventor, Roger Garmount (the Gama) and for its abilities the resembled a mountain goat (the Goat). Besides the Gama Goat M561, there was a M792, known as the ambulance version.

Would you buy a Gama Goat for sale?

Here is a YouTube video about the Gama Goat:

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