Garda, Welcome to the Realm, by Stacy Eaton

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Blending authentic police procedures with romance and the touch of angel, author Stacy Eaton introduces readers to starcrossed lovers—one betrayed, the other married to someone else—and proceeds to cross them even more. Corey surely has the heart of an angel, and Mitch has an honest intent to be faithful to his vows. But one mistake has awesome consequences, tugging the heartstrings, intriguing the imagination, and raising fascinating questions about the assumptions we make when communication grows too thin.

Coincidence and communication have fascinating possibilities in this novel as guardians beyond the realms of the law risk all for love. I hope the author will continue writing these characters. She’s certainly created a pleasing mythology of good and evil to go with the world of police work and the realm of the guards. Even the minor characters resonate with stories yet untold.

A pleasingly easy read that lingers when the last page is turned, Garda is an enjoyable mix of action and imagination, love and drama, and temptations and consequences. Plus it’s a great start to something more.

Disclosure: I was given a free eARC to enjoy when the author visited my blog.

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