Gardening With Kids: Grow An Avocado Seed

Gardening with your kids is a fun family activity and a great way to involve your children in your home farm. Growing an avocado seed is a simple project that will teach your child a great deal about how things grow.

I have fond memories of growing an avocado seed when I was a kid myself. I can’t really recall whether or not the seed ever managed to grow into a tree or what became of it, but what I do remember quite clearly is that early stage where the pit grew its roots while suspended over a glass of water and the excitement of seeing how much it had changed every day. The fact that the seed needs to root out of the dirt first is probably what makes this such a great kids gardening project, because rather than simply imagining how the roots are growing you can actually see it happening.

The only downside to growing an avocado seed is that it will not result in a fruit-bearing tree. While it is a fun and educational kids gardening project, in order to grow into a tree with edible fruit, it would need to first be grafted, an extremely difficult process even for the most skilled cultivators. So if you’re looking to grow a fruit bearing tree you would be better off simply purchasing one from a nursery.

If, however, you are interested in growing an avocado seed as a fun gardening project for your kids, then follow these simple steps:

-Select a pit from a very, very ripe avocado

-Wash the pit, pat it dry and let it sit for a few days

-Peel the skin off and poke three toothpicks around the equator of the pit, spaced out evenly

-Suspend the pit over a glass with the toothpicks resting along the edge

-Fill the glass with water until about 1/3 of the pit is covered

-Place the glass in a sunny spot indoors and replace the water every couple of days

-Once a few stems with leaves have sprouted and the roots are about 2 inches long it will be ready to plant in a pot with soil, this should take several weeks

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